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Interior Experts Carpet One Floor & Home has a dedicated rug gallery in our showroom. We offer an outstanding selection featuring top brands plus others. We have partnered up with Rugs.Shop to deliver you an all new area rug shopping experience online! Now you do not have to leave the comfort of your home to find a new area rug, which makes choosing the right size and style easier. Below we cover topics like how to choose the right rug size and current trends.

Area Rug Sizing and Trends

Area rugs are more than just an accessory in your home. They also serve a purpose in the form of protecting your hardwood, tile, laminate or luxury vinyl floors from being scratched up by your furniture. They also help you define spaces within rooms in your home. For example, you can position furniture on and around an area rug to create a comfortable and inviting area to sit in.

The size of the rug in the room makes a big difference in how the room looks. We recommend choosing a rug that does not cover your entire floor, but is big enough to fit all the furniture on if you want it to make a statement. You can also choose a smaller area rug and have the furniture partially off to create a more intimate gathering space.

Just like fashion, area rugs follow different trends throughout the year. Some looks that are trending now include layering. Try laying smaller rugs on top of large ones, tilting the position for visual and contrast between the two layers. A popular look is a colorful or patterned rug laid on top of a flat, natural material like sisal. To explore more trends, be sure to visit our Rugs.Shop website!

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