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What is COREtec? 

Today, COREtec flooring is one of the best preforming luxury vinyl floors available!

COREtec floors have earned this title due to their unique features. They feature a unique core composition and an additional cork underlayment. The core is made from recycled wood, bamboo dust, limestone and PVC making it stable and even waterproof. The cork underlayment gives the planks a slight cushioned feel and also absorbs noise.

Is COREtec Waterproof?

COREtec floors will not expand or contract like natural hardwood floors, meaning you can install them in bathrooms and even laundry rooms where it gets humid. You can install COREtec of most subfloors, even over existing floors if they are flat enough. The cork backing naturally resists mold and mildew, helping keep your home clean.

Like most vinyl floors, COREtec features a luxury vinyl top layer which includes a high definition image of wood or tile, and resists chips and dents to ensure a longer life time.

Make sure you stop by our Interior Experts Carpet One showroom in College Point, NY to check out COREtec flooring options!

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